About the Conference 


Research is a fundamental pillar in the sustainable development process of any country. It contribute to finding effective solutions to various social problems, and also help inform a vision of continuous social and economic development.

<In view of the great importance of research, the Sultanate of Oman has paid a great deal of attention to the benefits that it can bring. As a result, research and innovation enjoy an important place atSultan Qaboos University, which is known as the premier educational institution in the sultanate.

Sultan Qaboos University, represented by the Deanship of Research, seeks to provide an integrated research environment and encourage faculty members and students to make the most of this potential in order to enhance the university’s culture of research and innovation. This culture will allow SQU to continue its research and academic achievements by university academics, researchers and students.

There is no doubt that presenting SQU students’ capabilities, academic and research talents, in addition to their most important academic achievements will contribute to their participation in the community as the nucleus of the future of research in the sultanate. Hence, the first student research conference proposed here targets both undergraduate and postgraduate students at Sultan Qaboos University’s various colleges and majors.

The conference aims to promote a culture of student research and innovation by creating an environment that expands these learners’ participation in all colleges. This will be of a great importance to both the public and private sectors as these sectors can benefit from these research achievements, in addition to providing opportunities to transform research results into projects that serve the community.


The conference seeks to strengthen Sultan Qaboos University students’ research culture in terms of science, creativity and innovation, in order to produce leading Omani researchers.



Activation of  student research capacity and highlighting their talents by building bridges of scientific communication among students in order to serve their community, provide them with a range of academic skills, deepen the values of cooperation, scientific competition and Originality. 


  • Enhance the culture of research among university students.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to present their research, inventions and scientific works by to the community.
  • Encourage students to read and keep abreast of new developments in their fields.
  • Develop students’ capabilities with research, creativity and innovation.
  • Motivate students to participate in various projects and encourage organizations in the public and provide sectors to develop and implement these projects.
  • Enrich academic understandings by presenting and disseminating scientific results and creative productions.