Theme 1: Quality and Efficiency of Research Management
• Centralized vs. decentralized research project and program management, and how research management/administration specialists can support each model.
• Managing research program and project budgets (the risks and pitfalls).
• Responsible research (legal aspects, research ethics, compliance, etc.).

Theme 2: Competitiveness and research Funding
• Identifying and processing external research funds.
• Supporting researchers in the competitive tendering process.
• Facilitating multi-disciplinary partnerships and collaborations.

Theme 3: Research Capacity Building
• Professional Development.
• Defining generic research competencies.

Theme 4: Research Impact and Effectiveness
• Developing a research vision and strategy for the organization.
• Measurement and evaluation of research quality and impact.
• Effective dissemination of research for maximum impact.
• Linking Researcher within industry for tangibles, "real world" benefits.