International Conference on the Impact of Covid-19 on the Economy and Society

10- 12 October 2022 Muscat Sultanate of Oman

Organized by OCCI Research Chair for Economic Studies| Humanities Research Center

Sultan Qaboos University



Topics of Interest

Participants are invited to contribute to this multi-disciplinary conference platform by submitting their papers in fields that cover the theoretical and empirical studies, as well as industry experiences. Submitted papers should demonstrate significant advances on the impact of Covid-19 on the following areas:

   Impact of Covid-19 on the Economy

  • Economics of epidemiology
  • The effect on the economy at macro levels
  • The effect on the economy at micro levels
  • The effect on economic sectors and industries
  • Economic diversification and sustainable development
  • Sector-specific empirical case studies

    Impact of Covid-19 on Financial Policies and Markets

  • The effect on the monetary and fiscal policies
  • The effect on financial services
  • The effect on stock markets
  • Covid-19, oil prices volatility and financial markets
  • The effect on the banking and/or insurance sectors
  • The effect on financial technology

   Impact of Covid-19 on the Business Sector

  • Economics of the firm
  • Private sector enterprises
  • Electronic commerce
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Digitization and use of online platforms

    Impact of Covid-19 on Logistics and International Trade

  • International trade
  • Logistics and global supply chains
  • Impact on food security and commodity prices
  • Acceleration of industry 4.0 technology in GVC
  • Global capital flows and development

  Impact of Covid-19 on Society

  • Labor market, national workforce, and migrant workers
  • Educational sector
  • Vaccinations and healthcare
  • Sports and leisure activities
  • Households and consumption
  • Social interactions and behaviors

    Public Policy and Global Responses to Covid-19


  • Evaluating Public health policy
  • Impact on the environment
  • Impact on governance and policy response
  • Devising effective scenarios for combating the crisis
  • Case studies of global best practices