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Conference Rationales  


1. Highlighting the concept of media literacy that goes beyond the idea of preparing the audience to deal critically with media content, interpret and sort them out, to a broader and deeper concept dealing with everything related to the production of media materials and interacting with them.


2. Considering intellectual, cultural and political contexts influencing media production and consumption in the evolution of digital media. 


3. Merging the two research fields; media literacy and media education, since media content is not produced in isolation from the audience or without visualizing the different ways in which audienceinteract with media content.


4. Overcoming the partial and descriptive approach towards media and communication phenomena, thereby interpreting and analyzing how the audience receive media content. Despite the richness of classic communication models and regular expansion of media and communication in references and theories, especially theories of influence, audience, and public opinion in addition to other critical issues, the communicator remains the weakest link in varied media studies, especially in the Arab World academia.


5. Most of the communication models developed by researchers since the forties of the last centuryare no longer sufficient to explain the dynamics of communication in the digital age, where roles overlap and locations are subjected to change: the recipient becomes a communicator and the individual is an institution; the geographical space is not limited and thus the separation between communicators and recipients became more controversial than realistic. Every recipient is thus a potential communicator, and every communicator needs to be a recipient in order to continue to function.


6. Analyzing the relationship between the educational field, media content, technological tools and their uses, by focusing on the educational environment tracks related to qualifying and training responsible media specialists in light of a complex media environment and new technological innovations.