Conference Overview
Research and innovation are essential elements of global economic competitiveness in the 21st century. They underpin social and economic development across all areas and are fundamental to economic and digital transformation, global competitiveness, and national well-being. Successful engagement in economic and digital transformation increasingly defines the world’s most dynamic economies. Given their importance, the International Conference on Research and Innovation in Support of Economic and Digital Transformation in Oman: Enabling Vision 2040 will bring together academics, researchers, thought-leaders, industry representatives, policymakers, and community representatives to explore how research and innovation can support economic and digital transformation. The event is an opportunity for participants from the Sultanate of Oman and across the world to examine some of the opportunities and challenges associated with economic and digital transformation, including how research and innovation can most effectively support this transformation in Oman.
Conference Objectives
• Facilitate interdisciplinary, international dialog about how research and innovation can effectively support economic and digital transformation.
• Identify opportunities and challenges associated with the economic and digital transformation of Omani society and other societies around the world.
• Discuss opportunities for enhancing economic and digital transformation through research and innovation in light of emerging technologies.
• Identify key initiatives in research and innovation that have the potential to facilitate Oman’s economic and digital transformation.
• Establish regional and worldwide networks of institutions and researchers concerned with enhancing economic and digital transformation through research and innovation.
• Provide opportunities for collaboration and cooperation between researchers in various economic, digital transformation, and innovation aspects.
• Help ensure Oman is well-placed to take advantage of the potential benefits of emerging cutting-edge technologies.
Conference Tracks
The conference Organizing Committee is pleased to announce the call for poster presentation proposals for researchers in various areas of economic and digital transformation and innovation as per the tracks below.
Track 1: Navigating Oman Vision 2040 and its Key Drivers
• The first track is concerned with the exploration of Oman’s strategic development policy, Vision 2040, in terms of the economic, social, and technological factors. Topics here include policy implications, sustainable development, regional collaborative initiatives, and so on.
• Track 2: Unpacking Economic Growth through the Lens of Research and Innovation
• This track examines the nexus between research, innovation, and economic growth, including how innovation propels economic development, the role of research in fostering competitive economies, and the resultant implications for policy and practice.
• Track 3: The Dynamics of Technological Evolution and Digital Transformation
• This track focuses on the dynamic and constantly evolving nature of cutting-edge technologies, including the impacts of digital transformation as underpinned by advances in AI, blockchain, the Internet of Things, etc., on business, societies, and governance.



Strategic Partners
  • Ministry of Higher Education, Research & Innovation
  • Supreme Council for Planning
  • Explore
  • Ministry of Transport, Communications & Information Technology
  • mintrans
  • Explore