Visa in advance by applying unsponsored visa from:


Upon the arrival at Muscat airport \ any of the legal borders ( Paid visa, 10 Days visa worth 5 Rials Omani or 30 Days worth 20 R.O and both of those visas extendable) from the Tourist visa office at the airport
Upon the arrival at Muscat airport ( unpaid visa \ free visas for 14 days, not extendable) from the passport control at the airport
    Passport holders of countries not included in Country list (1):
The local sponsor like SQU has to sponsor their entry visa or they can get entry visa to Oman (30 days) by a person who is in the list of allowed nationalities and has a valid Schengen visa or a valid visa to one of the following countries (USA, UK, Canada, Australia or Japan).
SQU visas for the keynote speakers and participants (Presenting a research paper), needs:
The conference approval with approved list of the participant (who need the SQU visa)
Passport page (Scanned copy) + validation of the passport should be more than 6 months
Personal photograph (Official photo with either blue or white background)
For Some nationalities  passports need extra page like:
Indian Passports (First Page and Last page) 
Pakistani Passport (First Page and Send and third page) 
Bangladesh Passport (First page and opposite page ) 
Sri Lanka passport (First page and the page where mention the previous passport page)
Syrian Passport (First page and Second page)
-Filling ROP application on English for the foreign country \ Arabic for the arab country:
Select Application mode: New Visa
Select Visa Type: Official visa
Remove the tick on (Has the person obtained a visa previously in the Sultanate of Oman?) to be able to move to the next page
On third page:
Sponsor Type: Government
Sponsor Name: Sultan Qaboos University
Office Phone Number & Mobile Number and Applying Person GSM it can be your office phone number 
Occupation Description: Participant or Keynote Speaker
Applying Person ID: 9005400 and then after the downloading the application, need to paste the photo (Using For Exp: Edit PDF | Online PDF Editor and Form Filler (
and then you can apply\fill SQU application:
SQU Web Site > Administrative Unit > Public Relations > visa application form