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Conference Themes:

I. First Theme: Philosophy of Social Sciences and Sustainable Development

1. Philosophy of social sciences and issues of sustainable development

2. The social sciences crisis and the requirements of sustainable development

3. Renewing social science curricula to achieve sustainable development

4. Enhancing the interdisciplinary between sciences to achieve sustainable development

II. Second Theme: Social Sciences and Challenges of Sustainable Development

1. Social development challenges

2. Economic development challenges

3. Political development challenges

4. Linguistic development challenges

5. Environmental challenges

6. Media challenges

III. Third Theme: Cultural Issue and Sustainable Development

1. Culture and identity

2. Education

3. Ethics and development

4. Development and the requirements of social justice

IV. Fourth Theme: Social Sciences and Sustainable Development: Regional and International Experiences

1. Developed countries' experiences

2. Developing countries' experiences

3. Islamic countries' experiences

4. Arab countries' experiences

V. Fifth Theme: Social Sciences and Sustainable Development: Oman vision 2040

1. The philosophy of sustainable development in the Sultanate of Oman and its capabilities

2. Social and cultural readings of the Omani development plans 

3. Social science curricula and sustainable development in the Sultanate of Oman

4. Human and social issues in the sustainable development plans in the Sultanate of Oman

5. Omani sustainable development in regional and international reports

VI. Sixth Theme: Social Sciences and the Alternatives Offered

1. Creativity, innovation and knowledge economies from a sociocultural perspective

2. Social and cultural structures necessary to transfer technology and develop production methods

3. Social awareness and intellectual investment of natural and human resources

4. Legal legislation and environmental protection to promote sustainable development

5. The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the creation of digital institutions from a socio-cultural perspective