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The overall objective of the 2020 conference is to gather earth scientists from all parts of the world to encourage research and promote better understanding of the geology of ophiolites and the oceanic lithosphere.

The specific objectives of the conference are:

  • To provide a forum for presentation of recent research on the geology of Oman, with special focus on the Seminar ophiolite.
  • To encourage the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences between scientists regarding the geological evolution of ophiolites and the oceanic lithosphere.
  • To promote the sustainable development of earth resources and environment friendly practices in ophiolite research.
  • To discuss some results of the Oman Drilling Project (https://www.omandrilling.ac.uk/).


  • Genesis of Ophiolites and oceanic lithosphere.
  • Geodynamics and hydrothermal processes of ophiolites at spreading ridges.
  • Chemical and physical processes within oceanic magma chambers.
  • Formation of ore deposits related to ophiolites.
  • Tectonics of ophiolite emplacement and metamorphism.
  • CO2-sequestration, fluids and diagenesis within oceanic crust and shallow mantle.
  • Geochemical cycles and geobiological  studies related to ocean crust formation
  • Hydrogeology of ophiolite
  • Result of the Oman Drilling Project (https://www.omandrilling.ac.uk/).        

After adjustments in accordance with the submitted abstracts, the full technical schedule will be made available on the conference website.


The program will include oral and poster presentations and excursions. Oral Presentations will include invited papers and papers selected from the submitted abstracts. A detailed presentation schedule will be posted before the conference.

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Tour in the Old City of Muscat

Discover what makes Old Muscat streets and Souq so exceptional! The striking features of its architecture, museum, royal palace, porticoes and towers, make of this walking tour in the city a perfect occasion to get acquainted with its shape and pace.
To sign up for the tour, please send us an e-mail: Sobhi@squ.edu.om
Due to limited availability, participants are requested to register early for the tour
Starting at 14:00. 14th January 2020.
Meeting point: Administration Building, main entrance.



The official language of the conference is English. There will be no simultaneous translation.