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  • Field Trip

The Conference will be held at the Sultan Qaboos University for 3 days. The following activities are being planned:

  • Pre- and post conference field excursions will be organized.
  • Poster Presentations: A subordinate number of topics will be selected for presentation in poster format.
  • Oral Presentations: The contributing participants will orally present their research in a diverse range of thematic sessions.

       Key note addresses: A few exceptionally qualified speakers will summarize recent developments in the geological understanding of ophiolite.


 Field Trip

**All meals will be provided on site by a catering company or local resturants.

1)  Igneous and metamorphic processes during formation and evolution of oceanic crust at spreading ridges

     Excursion Guide: Peter Kelemen, Juergen Koepke and Damon Teagle

     One day, Coast: 50 OR, 11th January 2020.


2)  Accretion of the lower crust and initiation of hydrothermal cooling; locations are Samra, Wadi Wariyah, Wadi Gideah

     Excursion Guide: Juergen Koepke.

     One day, Coast: 50 OR, 15th January 2020.


3)  Carbon mineralization and serpentinization in the Samail ophiolite

     Excursion Guide: Marguerite Godard, Peter Kelemen, Jürg Matter.

     Two day, Coast: 100 OR+ accommodation 15th -16th January 2020.


4)  The Northern Oman ophiolite : Oceanic crustal succession, ocean ridge segmentation,

      hydrothermal system and igneous  history of the Oman ophiolite
      Excursion Guide: Eiichi Tazazawa, Shoji Arai, Sumio Miyashita,Susumu Umino.

     2 days, Coast: 100 OR + accommodations, 15-16th January 2020.


5)  Wadi Abiad Moho –Nakhal Massif and chromite ores

     Excursion Guide: Sobhi Nasir, Mohamed Al Kindi and Salah Khirbash

     One day, Coast: 50 OR, 11th January 2020


 6)  Maqsad area of the Oman ophiolite -:Deep-seated tectonic,

      magmatic and hydrothermal processes in a mantle diapir and in the lower oceanic crust: 

       Excursion Guide: Georges Ceuleneer.

      one day, Coast: 50 OR, 15th January 2018.