Group Trip to Nizwa on Friday 26/05/2023
Nizwa is a historical city in the Al Dakhiliyah Governorate in the interior North of  Oman. It is located on a plain characterized by UNESCO World Heritage sites,  historical buildings, flowing seasonal wadis such as Wadi Tanuf, and date palm plantations. It is surrounded by the Al Hajar Mountain ranges. It is located about 160 km southwest of Muscat.  Nizwa was the capital city of Oman in the 6th and 7th centuries. Today, Nizwa is one of the largest cities in Oman and a major trade and tourism destination.

During the trip to Nizwa, we will explore the following attractions:

-    Nizwa Fort was built in 1668 by Imam Sultan bin Saif al Ya'rubi to defend Nizwa city. This imposing fort is one of Oman's most-visited national landmarks. It has a large circular tower 35 meters high and a diameter of 46 meters. It houses a museum, and from the tower, you can see panoramic views of Nizwa, Nizwa Souq (Nizwa Market), and the surrounding date plantations.

-    Nizwa Souq is placed near the Nizwa fort, Nizwa Souq will give you a glimpse of old Oman, with some sections having retained its ancient architecture and unrenovated structures. Nizwa Souk has handicraft shops and silversmiths working in small shops. On Friday especially, the Nizwa Souq has a lot of activities and auctions from early morning (6 am), such as livestock auctions, and the sale of locally produced vegetables and fruits. The souq is divided into different sections that include antique shops selling unique souvenirs like caps, silvers-made things, and fresh dates. The Nizwa Souq is a traditional Omani market and is the best place to experience locally owned and operated coffee shops, old architecture, and traditional merchandise. 

-    Falaj Daris is a traditional canal irrigation system that is collectively listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, providing Nizwa city with the water that is needed for its plantations. It has been in operation since at least 500 CE, but archaeological evidence suggests that irrigation systems existed in this extremely arid area as early as 2500 BCE. The length of falaj Daris is about 8 km and the irrigation area is about 1715502 m2. 

Trip Schedule:   
5:30 am   Trip starts from Muscat to Nizwa
7:00 am  Arrival to Nizwa Souq
7:00 -9:00 am  Free tour of Nizwa Souq
9:00 -11 am   Visit Nizwa Fort as one group
11 am -12:30 pm   Visit Falaj Daras as one group
12:30 -2:00 pm  Lunch Time
2:00 pm- 3:30 pm  Back to Muscat


-    Nizwa trip is scheduled on Friday 26/05/2023
-    The cost of this trip is 50 $ US to be paid cash on-site upon registration.
-    The temperature during May in Nizwa is expected from 40 to 43°C.
-    If you are willing to join in this trip, please send an email to the organizers before May 10th, 2023 at
-    If the number of registrants is less than 25 persons, the trip will be canceled (locally arranged trips via certified travel agents are an alternative option)